Prof. Reuven Cohen
Photo of Prof. Reuven Cohen
Head of LCCN
Research Interests:
  • Developing protocols for efficient multicast in mobile networks
  • Developing delay/energy-efficient algorithms for sensor networks
  • Developing Communication infrastructure for the Intelligent Transportation System
  • Developing scheduling algorithms for OFDM/OFDMA wireless networks
  • Developing routing schemes based on the 1-hop shortest path paradigm
  • Developing protection schemes for MPLS networks
  • Developing Power-efficient multicast schemes for mobile networks
  • Developing a scalable extension for BGP
  • Developing Power-efficient routing algorithms for sensor networks
  • Developing Network Centric Operations (NCOs)
  • Designing an architecture for satellite-based CDN (content distribution network)
  • Designing cost-effective Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Website: Prof. Reuven Cohen website
Prof. Danny Raz
Photo of Prof. Danny Raz
Head of LCCN
Research Interests:
  • Main research interests are the theory and applications of management related problems in IP networks. In particular I am working in the following directions:
  • Efficient Network and System Management
  • Network aware services and Programmable Networks
  • Wireless and cellular networks
  • Theory of network and system management
  • QoS routing, Network location problems, and other network related optimization problems
Website: Prof. Danny Raz website
Associate Professor Ori Rottenstreich
Photo of Associate Professor Ori Rottenstreich
Head of LCCN
Research Interests:
  • Network Algorithms
  • Blockchain
Website: Associate Professor Ori Rottenstreich website