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The Laboratory of Computer Communication & Networking (LCCN) in the Computer Science Department of the Technion offers an advanced environment for undergraduate projects and graduate thesis projects in the cutting edge networking technologies

The lab has become the flagship focus of teaching and research activity concerning modern communication networks. In addition, LCCN maintains very close connection with the industry and promotes projects with leading networking companies in Israel and world wide.



  • Maintain technological leadership and relevancy in a rapidly-changing networking technological world.
  • Support researches that deals with emerging state-of-the-art network technologies.
  • Prepare the undergraduate students to the industry life cycle of project design, development and delivery.
  • Encourage collaboration with the Israeli networking industry as well as with companies world wide.
  • Perform research projects in collaboration with other academic networking labs in the world.
  • Collaborate with other research groups world wide.
  • Collaborate with open source projects and contribute to them.
  • Collaborate with networking regulation bodies as well as Industry-Academic Consortiums  that are defining the future network standards.

Research Projects

  • IP Networks Behavior.
  • Blockchain research projects.
  • Investigate current BGP and OSPF routing protocols, as well as new emerging communication protocols.
  • Research future networking technologies such as: SDN, NFV, IoT.
  • Implement new break-through networking performance improvement algorithms.

Industry Collaboration

  • The lab offers joint research and Proof Of Concept (POC) projects with the industry. The projects are tailored to fit the needs and requirements of our industrial partners and performed by our students. Both students and the industry benefit from this exposure.


  • Recognizing that carrying out projects in the laboratory in a heterogeneous group with student members from different sectors may be complex, and in order to encourage such cooperation, we decided to award bonus points in the final grade to heterogeneous groups that demonstrate cooperation and teamwork.
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